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March 1, 2016 – New Management Team

Paterson, Grant & Watson Limited (PGW) is pleased to announce that a new third-generation management team was appointed on March 1, 2016, with a simultaneous change in ownership structure.

  • Stephen Reford, P.Eng. - President and Chairman/Partner
  • Edna Mueller-Markham, P.Geo. - Vice-President and Director/Partner
  • Dr. Hernan Ugalde, P.Geo. - Vice-President and Director/Partner

Dr. D. James Misener has retired as President and Chairman but will continue to consult for PGW on a project-specific basis.

Early 2016 – PGW was awarded two major contracts

  • Geological Survey of India – planning airborne survey program over areas of obvious geological potential and managing tender process, in partnership with International Geoscience Services (IGS) Ltd.

  • Lao PDR, Ministry of Mines and Energy (World Bank) – airborne geophysical survey management, processing and interpretation for geological mapping of areas of high mineral potential, in partnership with the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), International Geoscience Services (IGS) Ltd and Sander Geophysics Limited.

February 2016 – Integrated geological-geophysical model for stratiform Pb-Zn exploration, Ireland

PGW Europe Limited has been awarded a research grant by the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), part of their Short Calls Program. This projects aims to provide better insight into the localization of stratabound and fault-controlled Zn-Pb deposits in Ireland, by creating a 3D litho-structural model based on geophysical data obtained from the Tellus (and related) surveys. See more.

For more information: http://www.gsi.ie/Research/Research+Short+Call.htm
Contact: Tom Davitt, Director PGW Europe, tom.davitt@scantech.ie

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May 2015 – PGW Participates in ProExplo, Lima, Peru

PGW is attending the bi-annual mining show in Peru. Please come and visit us on Booth 27 on May 18-20, 2015. Dr. Hernan Ugalde is presenting in the Geophysics session (Tuesday, 830-10AM). See more.

Title of presentation: Exploración Minera en Zonas Cubiertas: Contribuciones desde la Geofísica Regional

More details: http://www.proexplo.com.pe/2015/

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April 2015 – Dr. Iris Lenauer joins PGW

Iris is a structural geologist with an interest in the role of structure in the formation of ore deposits. She obtained a B.Sc. in geochemistry at the University of Vienna. Her master’s thesis in structural geology at the University of Vienna involved mapping and petrographic analysis in a back-arc extensional system in Greece. See more.

From 2009 to 2012 Iris worked on her PhD thesis at McMaster University, studying deformation of the South Range of the Sudbury impact structure. In 2012 Iris joined SRK Consulting in Toronto, where she worked on regional structural interpretations as well as lithological and structural modelling. In April 2015 she joined PGW where she brings her experience in structural field mapping, fault analysis and integration of geology & geophysics into 3D geological & geophysical modelling. Iris is especially interested in brittle tectonics and the interaction between structures and mineralization.

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February – April 2015 – PGW completes project in Ecuador for the Instituto Nacional de Investigación Geológico Minero Metalúrgico (INIGEMM)

PGW compiled all the available airborne geophysical data (gravity and magnetics) and interpreted for lithology and structure at 1:250,000 (West Coast and South Eastern part of the Sub-Andean basins) and 1:100,000 (Western Cordillera). From the integrated interpretation with geochemical data and ASTER imagery we were able to select 43 target areas for follow-up on the Western Cordillera, plus 4 regional areas on the West Coast. See more.

At the South-Eastern part of the Sub-Andean basin we also constructed a 3D litho-structural model constrained by wells and petrophysical data. This model was able to provide with map of depth to the Pre-Cretaceous volcanic sequences under the Cretaceous petroliferous units.

The project lasted 7 months and involved training of local geologists as well as delivery of software and equipment (susceptibility meters) for INIGEMM.

Structural interpretation and index of all the map sheets interpreted at 1:250,000 (blue) and 1:100,000 (red) scale.

3D views of the structural interpretation over the South Eastern basin.
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November 2014 – Dr. Norman Paterson's visit

Dr. Norman Paterson visited PGW on Remembrance Day. He was pleased to see the development of PGW over the past 40+ years. We look forward to another wonderful gathering with Dr. Paterson! See more.

March 2014 – KEGS Symposium

PGW participated in the latest KEGS Symposium in March, 2014. Click here for the presentation.

2013 – Integrated Multi-Parameter Footprints Ore Systems Project

In 2013, the Integrated multi-parameter footprints ore systems project launches. PGW is participating as an industry sponsor.

November 2013 – Training in Ecuador

In November, 2013, PGW completed a remote sensing training for the Geological Survey of Ecuador (INIGEMM) in Quito, Ecuador. See more.

Lori with rocks
Lori Wickert examines rock samples with course participants

Hernan with rocks
Dr. Ugalde examines rock samples with course participants

Lori Wickert and Dr. Ugalde hand out the final certificate to one of the attendants
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October 2013 – SAGA-AEM

PGW attended SAGA-AEM 2013 conference in South Africa, October, 2013. See more.

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